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After Make Up Soothing cream 5 ml

After Make Up Soothing cream 5 ml

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After Make Up by Make Up Defender is a creamy emulsion containing hyaluronic acid, bisabolol, erythritol, shea butter, allantoin, siegesbeckia orientalis extract, rabdosia rubescens extract, rice oil, avocado oil and vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types, its soothing and moisturizing properties make it an effective treatment after semi-permanent make up and co-a- djuvant for the micro-pigmentation of the areola and scalp for men.

Practical 5 ml sachet


Soothing and moisturizing cream, adjuvant in the semi-permanent post-make-up treatment for perfect healing.


Hyaluronic acid: moisturising, healing, anti-in am- matory. It works as a lter against the spread of bacte- ria and infectious agents.

Bisabol: calming, anti-in ammatory and soothing.

Erythrol: anti-oxidant.

Shea butter: regenerating and nutritional with lm-forming and ltering properties.

Allantoin: moisturising and anti-redness.

Rice oil: moisturising and nourishing. It helps to slow down cell aging and protect the skin from harmful so- lar radiation. 

Controlled Quality

After Make Up by Make Up Defender uses only high-quality raw materials specifically selected for their effectiveness on tattooed skin, as well as demineralised and ozmotized water. The formulation and production of this product is strictly and entirely MADE IN ITALY. It has been researched and created in an ISO 9001-9002 certified laboratory in compliance with all the quality standards of top-quality cosmetic products. Finally, all our products undergo stringent inspections in order to continuously guarantee maximum quality for customer satisfaction.

After Make Up by Make Up Defender has obtained the authorisation for medical device status. 

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