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Pink Soap cleansing soap
Pink Soap cleansing soap

Pink Soap cleansing soap

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PINK SOAP is a cleanser specially designed for cleansing the skin before, during and after tattoo sessions.

The strong but delicate detergent efficacy is associated with an antimicrobial action due to the presence of ethyl alcohol (thus eliminating the need for preservatives), an important amount of vegetable glycerin to maintain adequate hydration even during cleansing.

The delicate lavender scent makes use of a reconstructed fragrance, in order to avoid the allergens present in the natural essential oil.

A silicone surfactant is present as an adjuvant in cleansing, particularly effective in removing impurities.


Also in this product there are NO preservatives of any kind, as the amount of ethyl alcohol present ensures adequate antimicrobial protection.

Finally, to avoid product waste and at the same time facilitate the application on the areas to be treated, the dispensing takes place through a practical spray dispenser: in this way there is the limitation of the quantity of product dispensed, together with the best precision for the dispensing on the area to be treated.

The dye used to characterize the product is certified food dye (E124), therefore with the maximum toxicological and safety guarantees.

100ml bottle

Made in Italy

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