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Pmu Spoom cleansing foam
Pmu Spoom cleansing foam

Pmu Spoom cleansing foam

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PMU SPOOM is a foam cleanser, specially designed for a gentle but effective cleansing of the skin.

The foam form avoids the need for rinsing, at the same time reducing the amount of detergents in contact with the skin: this is the reason for its delicacy, so much so that it can be used before, during and after treatments such as permanent makeup (Permanent Make-Up, PMU), microblading, tattoo, microneedling.

The cleansing effectiveness is also excellent for any skin cleansing before applying specific products such as anti-wrinkle, emollient, protections ... and even before classic make-up.


HOW TO USE: The cleansing action easily removes colors in excess, as well as classic make-up: just dispense the foam provided by the special dispenser on a pad or disk, or even on a simple cotton wool, to be passed on the area to be clean, possibly repeating the operation if the material to be removed is in large quantities or particularly persistent to remove (such as colored earths).

PMU SPOOM consists entirely of components of vegetable origin and, according to Regulation 1223/2009 and subsequent amendments, neither the finished product nor the components have been tested on animals after 1993 (to be considered that the prohibition of animal testing for finished products has been in full force since 2004, while the prohibition for ingredients has been in full force since 2009, with some exceptions, later removed in 2013).

The safety evaluation of the finished product gave a positive result, in the conditions of use and with the expected application doses.

Substances that could elicit sensitization reactions were deliberately NOT included, even avoiding perfume to avoid the possible presence of allergens, even if in traces lower than the limit for which the declaration on the label is mandatory.

Very simple composition, functional for the desired cleansing effect, designed to have MAXIMUM RESPECT FOR THE SKIN.

Made in Italy

100ml bottle with pratical dispenser.

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