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Magica Pen

Magica Pen

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The Magica Pen excels in any type of performance on eyes, mouth or areolas, allowing the operator to go through the working session in total comfort.


Engine: Faulhaber, 9 V

Needle stroke: 3.50 mm

Frame material: CNC aeronautical aluminum, anodizing treatment

Weight: 88 gr

Dimensions: length 110mm, head 17mm, tail 28mm

Connection: via RCA cable, included


The Magica Pen, one of the latest jewels designed and built by Lauro Paolini, generates from a single piece of ergal, an ultra light aluminum, machined by a numerically controlled precision lathe, and is finished and assembled manually with the utmost care in our warehouse.

A modified version of the Sweet Pen V2, it was conceived focussing on semi-permanent makeup, as it can be assumed from the sleeker and thinner design, ideal for the smaller hands of the beauty operators.

The Magica pen excels in any type of performance on eyes, mouth or areolas, allowing the operator to go through the session in total comfort, picking the most suitable voltage and set of needles to obtain the desired outcome.

Virtually vibration-free, incredibly silent and accurate, the Magica Pen excels in performing soft shades, thanks to its gentle stroke which reduces the trauma usually caused to the skin, confirming itself as a tool that raises the bar in aesthetic tattooing .

The beating heart of this machine is a latest generation German Faulhaber 9V motor, whose name is synonymous with durability and reliability at an international level, and the power is entrusted to a light high quality 170 cm RCA cable, which is included in the box.

The Magica Pen is available in black, silver or pink anodized versions!

Extremely easy and quick to clean, with no need for any solvents, a simple damp cloth will suffice.

A fundamental precaution is to always carefully protect the pen during work sessions, with adequate grip bands, films or barriers,

to avoid residues and contaminations of any kind.


Suggested for
liner, color and shader
Needle stroke
3,50 mm
Frame Material
Aircraft aluminium
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MAG-S SILVER  SILVER  Out of stock
Product availability date: 0000-00-00
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