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IgenHand - hand disinfection device
IgenHand - hand disinfection device

IgenHand - hand disinfection device

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IGENHAND is a device that ensures perfect hand sanitation and disinfection.

It does not require electrical connections, as it is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery.

Easily housed, transportable, complete with internal container for disinfectant liquid, completely managed by an electronic control.

It is sufficient to bring your hands close to the appropriate compartment and an "electronic eye" detects the presence and activates the nebulization process of the disinfectant solution; all without touching anything, thus avoiding cross-infections.

IgienHand was designed by Tecnogaz, a company with which we have been collaborating for several years, synonymous with a guarantee.




. Average cleaning time 3-5 sec.

. Equipment weight 5 Kg

. Overall dimensions 405x270x220 mm

It is a device that was designed several years ago for the healthcare sector and is widely used in polyclinics, doctors' offices, dentists.

In this period many non-medical activities have decided to purchase this device due to the absolute importance of the difficult moment that we are all experiencing.

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