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PPE face shield visor
PPE face shield visor

PPE face shield visor

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The VPMS19 face shield is a category II PPE that complies with the essential health and safety requirements of the EU regulation 2016ƒ245 of 09 March 2016 and complies with the technical standard UNI EN 166: 2004 (Lab. Newton N ̊ 7775− 0502814 of 24ƒ04ƒ2020) .

The VPMS19 face shield is CE certified by the Notified Body No. 0426: ITALCERT Srl, Via Sarca n. 336 - 20126 Milan.

The CE declaration of conformity is attached to this instruction, inside the bag containing the PPE


Examine the screen before each use: visually check the cleanliness, transparency, the absence of cracks, chipping, and the integrity of the seams. Furthermore, checking that the headband does not result in a time fixed on the head does not come loose.

• Provide for cleaning in case of contamination with foreign substances.

• Provide for replacement in case of damage or in case of non-removable contamination.


Place the mask on the forehead positioning it centrally, then take the elastic and fix it behind the head in the desired position.

APPLICATION SECTORS AND REGULATORY REFERENCES The VPMS19 face shield is a Category II Personal Protective Device, compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN 166: 2004 Standard and compliant with Regulation (EU) 425ƒ2016. Thanks to its physical characteristics, it ensures adequate protection of the face and the following protections, in case of risk situations such as:

- splashes of liquids, including biological ones

- impacts of low energy solids (particles with speeds below 45 mƒs)

VPMS19 is designed for use in work activities involving the risk of exposure to chemical and biological agents such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses (biological agents of groups 2 and 3 in reference to Annex XLVI of Legislative Decree 81ƒ2008) . The main sectors of use are:

• Activities in health services;

• Veterinary sector;

• Analysis or research laboratories;

• Activities in clinical, veterinary, microbiological and diagnostic laboratories;

• Treatment and disposal of water, waste and collection of potentially infected waste;

• Civil protection, first aid activities CLEANING AND SANITIZATION The PPE must be cleaned with mild detergent, lukewarm water used with a soft lint-free dish towel, to be used also during the rinse phase.

For sanitizing activities, use alcohol-based sanitizing solutions

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