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Tattoo defender After ink Classic 50ml
Tattoo defender After ink Classic 50ml

Tattoo defender After ink Classic 50ml

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After Ink by Tattoo Defender is a body cream specifically designed for the care of newly performed tattoos.

The softening, soothing and protective properties guaranteed by panthenol and vitamin PP make it suitable for the treatment of reddened, chapped skin and the maintenance of skin integrity. Apply with a light massage 3-4 times a day until complete healing of the tattoo.

It does not grease or stain clothes and has a natural and hypoallergenic fragrance.

Afer Ink classic is a medical device.

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After Ink classic is an adjuvant soothing cream in post tattoo treatment.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin PP, panthenol, it leaves an effective protective-emollient barrier on the skin, protecting it from external aggressions and promoting its healing.

Its main action is to facilitate lipid synthesis and promote the proliferation of skin fibroblasts, thus speeding up the healing process.


- Safely promotes faster healing of the tattoo.

- It is eto soothing and moisturizing.

- Guarantees optimal healing, keeping bright colors and perfect strokes.

- Prevents chapping, irritation and redness.

- It does not grease and does not stain clothes; lets the skin breathe.

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