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Sweet Pen V.2 – Black
Sweet Pen V.2 – Black
Sweet Pen V.2 – Black

Sweet Pen V.2 – Black

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The new version of the Faulhaber 9V motor, already featured on the Sweet Pen V3, carries an internal cushion in replacement of the bushings, drastically reducing the friction between the components, hence providing the engine a better performance, a smoother run and a greatly increased lifespan


Motor: Faulhaber (choose your voltage)

Needle range: 3,5 mm

Power link: RCA embedded in the frame

Frame material: Areonautical aluminium worked through numerical control machines – anodization treatment

Weight: 130 gr

Size: lenght 110 mm, head 25 mm, tail 28 mm

Rca cable incuded



Built by local artisans with a bond of 20+ years of collaboration with our company, it is made out of the highest quality aluminum, finished at the state of the art level by workshops located right here, in the italian “motor valley”,  which carries a long and succesful heritage of cutting-edge race engineering.

The Sweet Pen V2, boasts top level finishes and materials, like all the other aluminum machines already present in our range of products, and, as the name suggests, the SWEET PEN V2 excels in the depiction of soft shades, exerting a gentle touch on the skin that drastically reduces the aftermath traumas that usually come along with tattooing, but still managing to prove extremely performing in the execution of full and bright colors or precise lines with needle batteries up to 14.

The version called "Bittersweet", on the other hand, thanks to its 6 Volt Engine, presents different features, first and foremost a drier and faster stroke, making it much more suitable for lines and small fillings, while maintaining its versatility especially if used by expert hands.

Equipped with a classic but stylish design, the V2 features an antislip 25mm diameter handle, suitable for all types of hand grips and perfectly safe.

The Sweet Pen V2 is incredibly silent and completely vibration-free compared to the other competitors, granting an unprecedented accuracy in the execution; it’s also conceived  to be compatible with 35mm diameter single-use grips and all brands of cartridges.

The beating heart of the V2 is a latest generation Faulhaber German engine, whose name is synonymous with durability and reliability at an international scale, supported by a 170 cm high quality ultra light RCA cable included in the box

The Sweet Pen V2 is available in the following versions:

Black anodization treatment with red ring – 9V motor version

Black anodization treatment with silver ring – 6V motor version

The cleaning of V2 is also extremely easy and practical, with no need for solvents, where a simple damp cloth is more than enough.

Please note: 6 volt motors are not covered by warranty

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