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Sweet Pen V.3
Sweet Pen V.3
Sweet Pen V.3
Sweet Pen V.3

Sweet Pen V.3

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The latest evolution of Tattoo Pen by Lauro Paolini


Motor: Faulhaber 9V

Needle range: 3,8 mm

Power link: RCA embedded in the frame

Frame material: Areonautical aluminium worked through numerical control machines 

Weight: 144 gr

Full length: 113 mm

Rca cable included



Natural evolution of the Sweet Pen V2, the Sweet Pen V3 is the brand new Tattoo Pen by Lauro Paolini

Heir of the same construction excellence of the previous version by the best local craftsmen, the V3 boasts an extremely  high quality frame in aeronautical aluminum, with a new aerodynamic design and a 30mm grip, slightly wider to offer greater comfort of use, and longer to allow the tattoo artist to coat it and protect it easily.

The heart of the Sweet Pen V3 is the latest version of the German high-performance Faulhaber 9V motor, which unlike the previous version featured on the Sweet Pen V2, showcases a small cushion instead of bearings.

This translates into lower friction of the moving parts and into an increase in performance and longevity.

A further implementation is represented by the new click click needle adjustment system, which, thanks to the steel spring spheres, locks on the needle in the desired position, ensuring absolute precision and comfort.

The V3 is suitable for all types of tattoos. Through voltage and needle range adjustment, in fact, it will be able to perform fine lines, thick lines, fillings or shades without any problem.

The power supply is entrusted to a high quality RCA cable

Cleaning is quick and practical. A damp cloth is sufficient with no need for solvents or other specific products

It is highly recommandable to protect your pen at all times during the tattoo sessions.

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